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Do you want a basic course in cosmetology in Odessa with super gifts?

Хотите базовый курс по косметологии в Одессе с супер
Подарим: специальную цену на обучение; бьюти-бокс для
косметолога; курс по мед.знаниям; скидку 20% на курс по инъекциям.
Внимание! Предложение ограничено во времени.

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Course duration

1 day

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About course

Course Description

To confirm the qualifications of a practicing cosmetologist, you master the theoretical material on cosmetology in the manuals of the European Beauty Business School Cosmotrade and undergo on-line testing. Then you consolidate knowledge or confirm your skills in a workshop with a school teacher, work out two practical days and pass the test.
Register for a qualification confirmation immediately if you have a medical education or take basic training in the course of the Medical Knowledge Fundamentals at the Cosmotrade Beauty Business School if you do not have any medical education.

Teaching aids, supplies, premium cosmetics are provided for practical classes. You only need to have a medical gown (available at school) or a suit and a change of shoes.

Confirmation of your qualifications is carried out by professionals, leading specialists of the ANA-COSMO clinic, candidates of medical sciences, practicing cosmetologists, dermatologists, dermatoxicologists, endocrinologists, physiotherapists, plastic surgeons, psychologists and sales specialists

Our school has a reputation as both strong and reliable school in the beauty industry market.

You will receive a diploma by the Cosmotrade European Beauty Business School at the end of the course.

*Discounts on the first starting purchase for Kosmotrade graduates

Also for Kosmotrade graduates there are special prices for further education

Upon completion of the course

Диплом Бьюти Бизнес-Школы Космотрейд

Course program

Что нужно для подтверждения квалификации косметолога?

Требования и программа

1. Практикующий косметолог, желающий получить диплом нашей школы.

2. Наличие мед. образования (если его нет, необходимо пройти мед. курс и сдать экзамен) и диплома об окончании курса косметологии.

3. Сдача онлайн экзамена по косметологии (отправляем методический материал по косметологии на изучение/повторение)

4. Зачет по практике + устный зачет по косметологическим процедурам — 2 дня

— 1 день массажи практика + зачет по косметологическим процедурам

— 2 день чистки практика + зачет по косметологическим процедурам

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How we teach

Always online - full support

Every novice master can be trained and get the necessary skills and abilities to work, you need to sign up for classes in Kyiv or Odessa for this