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Do you want a basic course in cosmetology in Odessa with super gifts?

Хотите базовый курс по косметологии в Одессе с супер
Подарим: специальную цену на обучение; бьюти-бокс для
косметолога; курс по мед.знаниям; скидку 20% на курс по инъекциям.
Внимание! Предложение ограничено во времени.

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Course duration

1 day

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About course

Course Description

BIOREVITALIZATION COURSE will increase your demand among customers, so you will definitely increase your income.

After completing this course at our school, you will learn all the healing possibilities of the biorevitalization procedure and its role among all methods in Anti-age programs. Our teachers will tell you about all the nuances of this procedure and its combination with other methods for working with facial skin: skin resurfacing, injections for the correction of facial wrinkles, skin peels. You will find an overview of the drugs that perform the procedure, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. You practice the practical part on the models provided by the school.
This training course on basic injection techniques is intended for cosmetologists with secondary and higher medical education of medical specialization and for physicians who want to expand their capabilities and receive additional income.

DURATION: The training takes place in mini-groups of up to 6 people or individually 1 day from 10:00 to 15:00.
Teaching aids, supplies, premium cosmetics are provided for practical classes. You only need to have a medical gown (available at school) or a suit and a change of shoes.

WHO RUNS THE COURSE? The courses are taught exclusively by practitioners, experienced physicians, and participants in conferences and exhibitions. Teachers being aware of how to teach and who enjoy their profession.
If you do not have a medical education, do not despair. We have the best cosmetology school in Ukraine, and you can definitely find COSMETOLOGY COURSES for yourself (<< view >>), which will help you expand the list of your services and increase income from one working day. Moreover, we give the opportunity to work with cool European cosmetics and work out all cosmetology courses on models.

BONUSES: If you have a higher medical education (medical specialization), you can go through a complex of 4 methods in 3 days: Mesotherapy, Biorevitalization, Contour plastic and Botulinum therapy. The course is comprehensively more profitable. You save up to 9000 UAH for education. In addition, after completing the course, you will receive discounts on the purchase of drugs from manufacturers.

If you have a secondary medical education, you can go through a complex of 2 methods immediately in 2 days: Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization with a discount of 1000 UAH.

Do you want to acquire a profitable profession quickly and without any quality loss? Now you can take individual training in injection techniques at the Cosmotrade Beauty School!

OUR GRADUATES are successfully employed, as our school has a reputation of both strong and reliable school in the market of the beauty industry. Please note that in the “Recruiting Agency” section a job can be hidden or a resume can be posted.

Leave a request for the course and we will help you become a highly paid and sought-after specialist in cosmetology!

*Discounts on the first starting purchase for Kosmotrade graduates

Also for Kosmotrade graduates there are special prices for further education

Upon completion of the course

Диплом Бьюти Бизнес-Школы Космотрейд

Course program

Модуль 1

Теоретическая часть


  1. Старение: морфология и физиология. Виды старения: биологический и фотоиндуцированный.
  2. Биоревитализация дермы: базовая и пролонгированная, ее биологические механизмы.
  3. Биоревитализация и ее эффекты: эстетические и морфофункциональные.
  4. Лечебные возможности Биоревитализации:
    • Предоперационная подготовка;
    • Послеоперационная реабилитация;
    • Перед инъекционно-контурной пластикой;
    • Фотоповреждение (повреждение кожи от сильного воздействия солнечных лучей). Методы профилактики, восстановления кожи после вредного воздействия.
  5. Какое место занимает и какую роль играет Биоревитализация среди всех методов в программах Anti-age.
  6. Биоревитализация, возможности сочетания с другими методиками по работе с кожей лица: шлифовка кожи, инъекции для коррекции мимических морщин, пилинги кожи.
  7. Препараты, которые используются для Биоревитализация. Их обзор, характеристики, преимущества и недостатки:
    • Teosyal (Теосиаль),
    • Skin Fill (Скин Фил),
    • Surgilift Plus (Суржилифт Плюс),
    • Hyaluform Biorevitalizant (Гиалуформ Биоревитализант).

Модуль 2

Практическая часть


  1. Демонстрация правильной техники метода Биоревитализации.
  2. Работа с кожей лица – биоревитализация лица и зоны декольте.
  3. Отработка и постановка техники инъекции препаратов. Постановка рук. Самостоятельная работа участников обучения под контролем преподавателя.
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How we teach

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